Supporting Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery on the Connecticut Shoreline


“Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.”

-Alcoholics Anonymous,  p. 84

Board of Directors

Lifelinx Corp. is overseen by an independent Board of Directors, comprised of men and women from all walks of life

Patrice Sarna, President

William Welsh, Jr., Treasurer

J. Wayne Jarvis

Larry Appleton

David Goodman

William J.D. Sinnott

Andy Carnabuci, Secretary

    Lifelinx Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit addictions recovery support service with offices at 2785 Boston Post Road in Guilford, Connecticut.  Our is mission is to reduce substance abuse through relapse prevention by providing a variety of  peer-driven  recovery support services to people in and seeking recovery from substance use disorders. 

    Lifelinx is different than most other recovery organizations in that it is peer driven and peer directed, offering non-clinical, but necessary recovery support services to consumers.  We offer the following services: Supportive transitional sober housing for men and women;  Identifying and securing, appropriate level of care substance abuse treatment placements; Substance abuse related transportation (focusing on getting consumers into clinical in- patient treatment beds; Information and referral to assist recovery consumers negotiate services within and without the treatment continuum to promote and sustain long-term recovery; Recovery  management assistance (coaching); Community education programs and, we actively promote volunteerism in the recovery community.   

    Twelve step programs have proved beyond any possible doubt that people in recovery can be a powerful source of support for their peers.  Also, helping others can be a powerful inspiration for maintaining one’s own recovery. Lifelinx aims to assist consumers and residents extend  the learning and gains of clinical treatment  and twelve step meetings into stable, long term recovery. This philosophy of helping others was pioneered by our predecessor Catapult Services, Inc.

    Lifelinx’s methods reflect a shift from acute care models to a model of sustained recovery.  Although the peer based recovery services paradigm hasn’t acquired the empirical validation equal to that of clinical pathologies and treatment paradigm, they are based on sound psychological principles.  Lifelinx’s experience is that the achievement of long term and stable recovery is greatly determined by recovery “capital” that is enriched through support services.

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