Supporting Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery on the Connecticut Shoreline


“We were powerless over alcohol...our lives had become unmanageable”

-Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 59

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Jos. Wayne Jarvis, MSW

Executive Director

    Addiction recovery can be defined as continued abstinence from drugs and alcohol and  fully  re-engaging  with the community with resilience, hope and health.

    In the late 1930’s it was determined that alcoholism was a condition that could be treated successfully only by other alcoholics.  This concept of one alcoholic helping another was the birth of 12 step programs.  At the core of our philosophy is the belief that sustained personal recovery is enhanced by helping others in the recovery community.

    Alcoholics and addicts, at various stages of recovery, but especially in early recovery, need to attach with support from their indigenous community if they are to maintain long term recovery.

    Recovery Support Services such as Lifelinx provide  essential peer driven support services delivered and designed by people who share something in common --- addiction and recovery.

    A paradigm shift in substance abuse treatment from a model of acute intervention to a model of sustained recovery propelled grass-roots, peer-driven organizations  such as Lifelinx Corporation to fill in the gaps of the substance abuse treatment continuum. Lifelinx’s services derive their legitimacy and are validated by experiential knowledge and experiential expertise of our  Staff and Volunteers.  

    Although supportive of professionals and clinical treatment, Lifelinx is not treatment in the commonly understood clinical sense of the term.  Our services are distinguished from professional treatment in various and significant ways:

-The clinical community focuses on the pathology (illness) of alcoholism and addiction, Lifelinx focuses on “wellness” and long-term recovery.

-Lifelinx’s services are designed and delivered based on needs as identified by people in the recovery community.

-Lifelinx encourages relapse prevention and promotes long – term recovery in the people doing the work as well as those they help, their consumers.  This reduces the stress on the overburdened clinical treatment community.

-Lifelinx reduces the negative impact of relapse by early intervention and providing fast access and referral to secure treatment.

-Lifelinx is a consumer resource of sober-housing, recovery conducive employment and community recovery supports --- assisting consumers navigate services throughout the treatment continuum.

The clinical community assists consumers with developing after-care treatment plans, Lifelinx holds consumers accountable to those plans.

 Our services are chiefly in the areas of:

A. Instrumental Support -   Providing supportive transitional sober housing for men and women ;  Securing treatment for substance use disorders, transportation assistance and helping people obtain entitlement services.

B. Emotional Support -  Peer mentoring, peer coaching, and peer led support groups, promoting volunteerism in the recovery community.

C. Informational Support –  Sharing knowledge and information on where to go and how to access recovery resources.

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